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Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in Square Shape
Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in Square Shape

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp in Square Shape

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Product description:

Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamp in Square shape.

Beautifully crafted Salt lamp, create nice ambiance in your home or office.

It is the best available Natural Ionizer. The negative ions produced by the lamp help to ease the effect of fatigue and counter EMP (electromagnetic pollution) effects from computer, electronic equipment etc.…thus bring relieve from mental exhaustion and improve sleeping pattern consequently helpful for those suffering from insomnia, migraine, irritant behavior and depression.

It is effective against airborne bacteria and viruses, thus found especially beneficial for people suffering from allergies, respiratory/breathing and skin problems like sinus, bronchitis (asthma) and eczema etc.

It’s ionizing and counter EMP (electromagnetic pollution) properties, collectively enhancing the body’s absorption and utilization of oxygen, thus assisting concentration and alertness.

Approx Weight: 3 Kg

Includes: Bulb and power cord

Each Lamp is Packed in individual carton packing with Shrink Wrapping