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Himalayan Cylinder Shape USB Salt Lamp

Himalayan Cylinder Shape USB Salt Lamp

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Product description:

We manufacture these Salt Lamps under a high tech manufacturing facility and keep our standard high in terms of quality.

These beautiful Design Himalayan Salt Lamps Salt Crystal Lamps, when turned on, clean the air and balance the relationship of negative and positive ions in the surrounding environment.

This occurs because of the salt's natural ability to absorb water from ambient air and when heated (by a light bulb) evaporate it back out. This water and salt transformation cycle measurably cleans the air and balances the relationship of negative and positive ions in the process. Scientific studies clearly show that a balanced ion relationship has extremely positive effects on health.

These Natural Salt Lamps are available in Natural Rock Form & in Different Shapes.

We craft these stones into a beautiful salt lamps at our state of the art Manufacturing facility.Item Weight 1000 gram.


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