Nature offers a wide range of products for humans from medicines to well- being and health products, in the same way Glow Himalayans brings all the natural products to your door step.

We are offering an extraordinary collection of Himalayan Salt Lamp at our Dubai store. These Himalayan Salt Lamps are very popular for good health benefits. Basically, they possess a good characteristic of repulsing negative ions present in the nature. This nature of Himalayan Salt Lamps makes them act as a good air purifier. Hence they are very much helpful in providing relief from asthma and respiratory problems.

You can use these Salt Lamps to create a fresh environment full of positive vibes. In Dubai it is more popular as office or home decor stuff due to its luminous character. It emits light of pinkish and orange in color which will make your home and office look beautiful. There are many good after effects of keeping these Salt Lamps in your living area. Actually they are responsible for increasing your mind concentration and focus which results in overall increase of your productivity in a quiet unusual way.

Overall they can be used for their multipurpose serving as home decor and health product. They produce light as well as heat and will definitely suit your living and work area.

So if you are in Dubai, then visit our store and select the best design for your place. If you are outside Dubai, then you can visit our website at and can select from a number of designs available there with full specification. For your kind information, we are also offering a great deal on other such natural Himalayan products.

We are providing free home delivery over 150AED and you can also place your order on phone call. You can pay via card or secure cash on delivery as you wish. Don’t wait, order now.

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