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Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

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Product description:

Beautifully crafted Salt foot detox, its anti-bacterial and contains lots of minerals.

Himalayan natural salt lamps emit helpful negative ions into your home’s atmosphere, restoring and neutralizing air quality, while promoting health and healing.

Electrical appliances and consumer electronics of all types can be found in growing numbers in the average household and have been blamed for causing families to experience low energy levels, depression, moodiness and anxiety, among other ills.

Salt crystal lamps, placed in rooms with the highest concentrations of air pollutants, can help to neutralize the air breathed. By balancing the charge of ions in your home’s air, you can also reduce airborne infections.

  • Item Weight: 5000 gram
  • Includes: Bulb and power cord
  •  New product

Each Lamp is Packed in individual carton packing with Shrink Wrapping