The salt rocks which often have a pinkish orange color can be used in places of work such as in the office and also at homes. There are a number of reasons why Himalayan salt rock is so popular in most places including Dubai.

The workings of the salt lamp are simple. Salts are naturally hygroscopic, that they have a tendency to absorb moisture from the air. What this means is that the lamps are able to trap pollen, dirt and smoke particles often found in water vapor.

It is because of the way that the healing lamps work that brings about the associated numerous benefits. Some of the benefits of healing lamps apart from beautifying the home/office include;

  1. Improves mood and concentration level

This is achieved because your surrounding environment has been cleared of harmful particles time and again trapped in the air. With that achieved, there is an increase in blood supply to and from the brain and various organs. There is also a boost for serotonin which serves to naturally make us happy.

2.Better sleep

Over exposure to positive ions in the air often serves to deprive you of any quality sleep. That is for the reason that they usually often reduce the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain. The consequence is difficulties in sleeping.

III. Increase the levels of energy

What have you always done which you feel increases your level of energy? Spending some quality time on the beach? Taking a shower in the morning? The effects of these activities can only be comparable to the revitalizing effects of Himalayan salt lamps.

Getting natural Himalayan salt lamps is not always easier. The good news is that if you are in Dubai, then visit our store and select the best design for your place. If you are outside Dubai, then you can visit our website at and can select from a number of designs available there with full specification. Through the website you can view the types of rock salt lamps available and their pricing and purchase the ones which interest you. Other necessary information regarding the healing lamps can also be found.

In conclusion, in case you are not too sure how to go about placing an order, you can always call the customer care with any of the numbers provided.


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