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Himalayan Salt Foot Detox
  • Himalayan Salt Foot Detox
  • Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

Himalayan Salt Foot Detox

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Beautifully crafted Salt foot detox, its anti-bacterial and contains lots of minerals.

Approx Weight: 5Kg

Includes: Bulb and power cord

Each Lamp is Packed in individual carton packing with Shrink Wrapping

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• Made from salt crystals harvested in the Himalayan foothills

• Hand-carved to retain the crystals’ natural state

• Emits a soothing amber glow

• Crystals may clear air of allergens, smoke & impurities.

• Releases negative ions that may promote a positive aura and help reduce stress.

• Cleans up easily with a damp sponge or paper towel

• Includes power cord and bulb (no warranty on the electric parts)

The beautiful warm glow of a Salt Crystal Lamp creates a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in any room. They can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, offices, meditation rooms, therapy rooms, waiting rooms and for Feng Shui energy. The lamps' healing and purifying properties are 100% Natural and pure gift of Nature, this make them ideal around televisions, computers and cigarette smoke. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are crafted by hand to retain their unique natural shape. The lit bulb warms the salt and sends light that flows through the crystal releasing large quantities of healthy negative ions which improve the quality and freshness of the air. While most ionizers are man-made machines, salt crystal lamps are a natural and beautiful alternative from Mother Nature. 

Salt crystals were formed hundreds of million of years ago at the foothills of the Himalayas, when the salt lakes dried up. The crystalline structure of the rock salt was formed via gradual evaporation and the enormous pressures inside the earth due to the forming mountains. Natural inclusions such as iron (red) or manganese (yellow) give the crystal such beautiful colors.

All our lamps are shrink wrapped packing to maintain freshness and look of the product and packaged with special care to maintain fragility so that it reaches you in the perfect shape.

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