Our company

GlowHimalayans.com is owned & operated by Kashif Saeed General Trading LLC in UAE.

We are manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt & its related products with our Manufacturing unit in Punjab region of Pakistan and regional trade office in Dubai, UAE. We offer all range of 100% Natural salt products directly from Foothills of Salt mines region in Pakistan. 

Himalayan Natural Rock Salt comes in huge range of shapes & designs. however most popular are:

Natural Shape Salt Lamps,

Animal Lick Salt,

Salt Candle Holder,

Aroma Salt Lamps,

USB Salt Lamps,

Crafted Salt Lamps,

Himalayan Bath Salt,

Himalayan Salt Tiles & Bricks Tiles Plates & Blocks for Salt Rooms, spa, massage center and alternative medicine centers.

We can do custom designs as per customer requirements, please feel free to contact us for bulk inquiries you may have.

Our Mining Section

Foothills of Khewra Salt mines region in Pakistan

Our Mining Region

Our Mining Region

We offer 

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Wide range of Salt Products